HVAC System Installation

“Electric bill cut in half after Bill installed my new air and heating. Could not have asked for a better company to do this work. Thanks again.” – Ann K.
- Ann K.

HVAC Service

“Dear Sir, I just want to thank you for the good service we received from your company, and most especially your service tech. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and you should know how well he represents your company. We want to let you know that we will certainly recommend you to family and friends.”

– JoAnn B.

- JoAnn B.

Furnace Repair in Fort Collins, CO 80523

“I want to extend a sincere thank you to your company and especially the tech that repaired my furnace. I had had a different furnace repair person “fix” my furnace’s problem the day before I went on a vacation at Thanksgiving. $130.00 later the problem had not been fixed but didn’t realize it until after Thanksgiving when the furnace completely quit working. I had thought the stop/start action of my furnace was normal and the difficulty with keeping my home at a steady temperature an insulation issue. After Bill did the job “right”! my house has remained at an even temperature and the annoying stop/start of my furnace is gone. Thank you! Had it not been for Bill’s expertise I would not have ever known the true impact my poorly functioning furnace was making on the comfort of my home! I appreciate it so very much.”

– Jeanette F.

- Jeanette F.

HVAC Service in Loveland, CO 80537

“I cannot say enough about the positive experience I had with Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning. What a great company to do business with.”

– Brian C.

- Brian C.

Air Conditioner Repair in Fort Collins, CO 80524

“We called Balance Point after another heating company failed to fix our air conditioner. They found the problem, repaired it , and we have had no other problems. Thanks for the great service.”

– Henry C.

- Henry C.

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