Using an HVAC Contractor With NATE Certification Comes With Tangible Benefits

When you need installation, repair or maintenance of your heating or air conditioning equipment, insist it be performed by a technician with NATE certification. NATE is an acronym for North American Technician Excellence. The organization is a peer group set up to ensure excellence among heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. Only after undergoing and passing rigorous testing can a person in the industry receive NATE certification.

Just as a lawyer must pass a bar exam, anyone being certified by the NATE organization must pass testing to demonstrate they have the skills required to be admitted to an elite group of professionals.

The benefits to a homeowner or business owner are multiple. If you use a technician with NATE certification, you can expect the following attributes:

  • Experience –  You may rest assured the NATE technician working on your equipment wasn’t serving burgers at the drive-through window last week. They likely have been on the job for an appreciable length of time — enough to have gained a valuable amount of knowledge in dealing properly with virtually any type of equipment.
  • Performance – A technician certified by NATE can assess the cause of a problem more quickly, determine the best repair or service that is needed and be off to the next call more quickly– thus, getting your equipment back to normal and causing less interruption to your day.
  • Excellence – The NATE organization values credibility. That’s why their testing methods are so stringent. The latest equipment and technology as well as the previous technology must be understood by the technician. That way, both the newest and older equipment are left running at peak performance and the chances of a callback to your home are greatly reduced.

The benefits are obvious. NATE certification has great value for the customer because certification doesn’t come easy.

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