Humidity Too Low? Improve More Than Just Health and Comfort

When you live in a dry environment such as that of Fort Collins, it’s pretty important to think about a humidification system for your home during the cold winter months. While a standard HVAC system ensures you have decent air quality in your home, most systems don’t maintain comfortable humidity levels. If the humidity level is allowed to drop too far homeowners may experience several problems.

Very low humidity levels can cause dry skin, nasal passage issues, increased respiratory problems and even more occurrences of the flu. Warm dry air also feels cooler than moist air does, and that means you need to turn your thermostat higher to feel comfortable in the winter. With a humidifier you can feel comfortable at lower temperatures and save on utility bills. Further, lack of humidity can cause damage to furniture, pictures and cabinets over time because a slight amount of moisture in the air keeps wood from drying out and cracking.

The solution to this issue is to either purchase portable humidifiers for different sections of your home, or install a whole-house humidifier to alter the humidification level of the air coming into your home from your heating system.

The ideal humidity range is between 30 and 50 percent and a whole-house humidifier can maintain the humidification level you decide on, by way of a humidistat.

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