Don’t Fall for These Home Cooling Myths

Over the years, you’ve likely heard a lot of misinformation concerning residential air conditioning. Some of these home cooling myths are harmless, but others can cost you money while keeping your home from achieving the comfort you might otherwise enjoy. Get the truth about these four home cooling myths.

Myth: Ceiling Fans Will Lower the Temperature in Your Home

While the air movement from a fan will create a cooling wind chill effect for anyone in its path, it won’t change the temperature in a room. This means that it’s up to you to raise the thermostat a few degrees to take advantage of that cooling effect. You can save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Myth: The Bigger the A/C, the Better off You Are

An oversized air conditioner can result in a number of problems. Because oversized HVAC systems quickly cool or heat a home, they cycle off and on frequently. That short cycling wastes energy, stresses system components, produces inconsistent cooling and heating in rooms, and results in inadequate air filtration and dehumidification.

Myth: The A/C Is Purely for Cooling

In reality, a well-maintained air conditioner should both cool and dehumidify your home. If it’s not doing the latter, you’re getting short-changed on comfort.

Myth: Leave the A/C on All Day, Even When You’re Away

This is true, but only if the outside weather is especially hot. Otherwise, not running the cooling system on a relatively mild day saves energy because it’s not using electricity. When you get home, it doesn’t take that much energy to bring the house back to your comfort level.

A good compromise is to use a programmable thermostat to hold the setting 10 or 12 degrees higher than usual when you’re gone for the day, then return it to your comfort level shortly before you get home.

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