The Leaves Changing Is a Good Sign to Schedule Your Fall Furnace Maintenance

As the summer fades and the weather begins to cool, people start thinking about heating their homes. But before you turn your furnace on, it’s a good idea to have it serviced. Fall furnace maintenance generally entails having the parts cleaned and lubricated and the belts adjusted. Yearly servicing is recommended by most furnace manufacturers and for good reason:

  1. Regular service reduces the likelihood of a breakdown. Dirt and debris can get into your heating system, causing it to work harder which, in turn, wears out the parts quicker. Regular cleaning can help to prevent these problems. Yearly fall furnace maintenance also gives the technician an opportunity to spot small problems before they become bigger and more costly.
  2. Tune-ups can reduce your heating bills. The same dirt and debris that can cause your furnace to break down can also cause it to run less efficiently. A less efficient furnace means a higher energy bill.
  3. Regular tune-ups help to protect your family.  Keeping your furnace in good working condition and having the right filter can improve air quality. But if your furnace is not venting properly, carbon monoxide can build up in your home and poison you and your family. A yearly tune-up is a good time for a service technician to inspect your furnace’s exhaust outlets for damage.

Your furnace is a complex but valuable piece of equipment.Yearly fall furnace maintenance will ensure that it runs its best for years to come. For such an important piece of equipment, you should make sure you have knowledgeable professionals looking after it. If you are looking for respected professionals to do your fall tune-up, contact the experts at Balance Point Heating and Air Conditioning.

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