Is Your Ductwork Up to Par? Get to the Source of the Problem

Is Your Ductwork Up to Par? Get to the Source of the ProblemIt’s well known that a high efficiency heating and air conditioning system has the potential to save a lot of money in lower running costs, less maintenance and a more comfortable home. However, the HVAC unit is only part of the whole. In order to fully take advantage of your unit, you need to have ductwork that is well maintained and correctly installed.

A typical house’s ductwork can lose up to 40 percent of the your heating or cooling energy, which means wasted money and energy. Ducts that leak only 20 percent of the air passing through may cause the HVAC to have to work harder to compensate. Leaks can also promote mold and dust problems that can be costly to take care of.

There are a number of common duct problems that could be affecting your system.

  • The air filter is one of the easiest to check and adjust. A dirty filter or blocked filter can be both a fire hazard and an efficiency problem, and one of the most likely airflow problems to affect an HVAC system. Fixing this is as simple as changing to clean filters on a regular basis, or possibly improving the quality of the filter.
  • Collapsed flex ducts can cause a lack of airflow or condensation problems. You can fix this by adding enough duct work to prevent sharp bends or contact with the ground, elevating them with cabling. You can also remove excess length if it is overlong, in order to prevent energy loss.
  • The blower fan gets dirty, significantly reducing the airflow. It is best to have this cleaned by a professional.
  • A stuck fire damper can interfere with proper airflow which may require professional aid.
  • A leaky supply air duct is common, and can cause poor air flow. The reason is often damaged, disconnected, or worn-out connections, which can easily be repaired by yourself or an experienced sheet metal contractor.

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