Is a Condensing Gas Furnace a Good Investment in Our Climate?

A condensing gas furnace is a smart and safe investment for homeowners in regions with long cold winters and high heating bills, like we experience here in Fort Collins. If it’s time to replace your heating system, read on to discover why a high-efficiency furnace makes sense and saves energy dollars.

High Heating Efficiency, Low Heating Bills

In a region with long heating seasons, an energy-efficient condensing gas furnace can potentially save substantial heating dollars. Moreover, the same components that drive energy savings drive superior home comfort. You can count on these components as a safe and comfortable investment:

  • Sealed system — A sealed combustion chamber uses air from outside the home via direct intake sidewall venting. This isolates combustion air from household air, which prevents back-drafting.
  • Variable capacity heating — The components that drive fuel efficiency — Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, AFUE — are a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor. These components work together to deliver variable heat output and variable air circulation to continuously monitor and adjust to real-time heating demand.
  • Dual heat exchangers — A condensing gas furnace uses a second heat exchanger to extract additional heat energy from hot exhaust gases — so much so that the hot gases cool and condensation forms (hence, the name “condensing”).

Investment Analysis

Work closely with your HVAC professional to ensure your investment dollars are well spent, because the new furnace installation or replacement impacts the pocketbook and comfort for years to come. Use these points:

  • Button up your home (reduce heating load) by sealing air leaks and boosting insulation. A comprehensive energy audit shows you where.
  • Perform a heating load calculation and ductwork evaluation to determine the correct size furnace required for your home.
  • Evaluate add-on equipment, such as a zoning system, to boost efficiency and comfort.
  • Your HVAC pro sizes the unit, and performs a cost analysis to show you estimated lifetime costs of potential systems — the actual cost of your furnace investment.

To find out if a condensing gas furnace is a wise investment for your Fort Collins area home, please contact Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning.

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