For More Control Over Your Home’s Indoor Temperature, Upgrade to a Zoning System

With summer in full swing, it may seem that your air conditioning system gets hardly any rest, and your electricity bills might be the proof. If you’re like most other homeowners across the United States, you’re looking for ways to control your cooling costs without sacrificing any comfort. One of the best ways to do that is by upgrading to a zoning system.

Zoning system breakdown

Understanding how a zoning system works is quite simple. Working with you HVAC-system contractor, you can divide your home into distinct areas, each of which will have its own temperature setting. In many homes, there are just two zones–one upstairs and one downstairs. Other homes, however, have more zones and different arrangements. A sophisticated damper arrangement and separate thermostats allow for precise control of the cooling and heating in each zone.

Increasing home comfort

When you upgrade to a zoning system, you can improve your home comfort by taking into account the needs of individual family members, as well as the cooling and heating challenges in various parts of your home. For example, an aged parent in your home might need a higher temperature in her room or rooms. Or a family room with lots of windows might need a cooler temperature in the summer and a higher temperature in the winter. With a zoning system, you can customize the cooling and heating in these areas according to the needs of your family and the requirements of individual spaces.

Decreasing energy usage and cost

Home comfort is all well and good, but you also want to know about saving energy. Your upgrade to a zoning system will allow you to save energy — and money — because each area of your home will get exactly what it needs — no more and no less. You won’t have to pay to cool your entire home at a lower temperature just because the area you use the most tends to be warmer than the rest of your house. Likewise, you won’t have to cool your bedrooms when you’re not using them.

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