Adding a Zoning System May be the Solution to the Hot or Cold Spots in Your Home

A zoning system solves the problems associated with uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home and can also reduce energy consumption measurably over the course of the year. A zoned home is divided into similar sections that have either the same usage patterns or thermal characteristics. Each zone runs independently and if conditioned air isn’t required, that zone doesn’t receive any.

These systems use separate thermostats for each zone and motorized dampers are placed in the ductwork that open and closed based on the thermostat’s settings. The thermostats connect to a control panel, which activates the HVAC system when it needs to condition that space. Although these systems are most often installed during a system replacement or new construction, they can be retrofit into existing HVAC systems.

When to Use

Two-story homes are logical choices for a zoning system, as are those with these characteristics:

  • Vaulted ceilings, high ceiling plates or expansive windows in one area;
  • Homes with unused rooms that you’ve closed off or want to.
  • Livable basements or attics where the thermal load is significantly different.
  • A part of the home that’s used frequently when other parts of the home remain unoccupied.
  • Family members who want or need different temperatures.

What’s Involved

While installing these systems isn’t a do-it-yourself project, you can expect the HVAC contractor to make changes to the ductwork, depending on how many zones you want, install a thermostat for each one and a master control panel for the whole system. The zone dampers will have to be installed and wired to its thermostat.

The Results

  • Zoning your home can reduce your energy costs substantially, especially if significant thermal differences exist in any part of your home.
  • Zoning systems solve the mechanical and ductwork problems associated with closing off unused rooms by blocking registers and closing doors.

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