Zoning System: Ask These Questions to Determine if You Need One

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why it was so cold? Or ducked into the spare bedroom for an extra blanket and found it warmer than the rest of the house? If you find your house has areas which are constantly at a different temperature, or you seldom use some rooms, a zoning system might be right for you.

A zoning system is a way to take control over the temperature in different areas of your home. Each area, or zone, has its own programmable thermostat, which is connected to a control panel for the entire system. When one thermostat indicates the temperature of an area has grown too warm or cold, it activates dampers to direct the cooled or heated air to that one specific area. This allows you the ability to tailor climate control to each room’s needs.

How can you tell if a zoning system is right for you? These questions may help you decide.

  • Does your home have multiple levels? Split-level homes can often produce temperature discrepancies between floors.
  • Are some of your rooms underground? Do you have an attic room? These rooms can have specific heating and cooling needs.
  • Are some rooms consistently warmer or cooler than others? Do some rooms seem stuffy?
  • Do some rooms heat up at specific parts of the day, then cool down as the day progresses? A west-facing room may get very warm in the afternoon because of the position of the sun, for example.
  • Do some members of your family have different tastes when it comes to temperature? One person may prefer to sleep in a very cold room, while the rest of the family prefers to sleep warm.
  • Do some rooms remain empty most of the time? Would you like to save energy by asking your heating and cooling system to ignore them?
  • Have you added a room to your home?

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