Tips for Winterizing Your Fort Collins Home

Winter is well on its way in our area, so if you haven’t thought about winterizing your Fort Collins home, now is the time. Follow these simple winterizing tips to keep your home snug and warm this winter.

  • Clean out your gutters. Once the leaves are mostly off the trees, it’s time to climb up the ladder and clean out your gutters. Once cleaned, gutters drain more easily, and are less likely to cause leaks and ice dams later on in the winter.
  • Find and seal air leaks. Air leaks can cost you a lot in terms of energy efficiency, so it’s best to find and seal them before winter begins. On a breezy day, hold a stick of burning incense near likely areas and watch the smoke to locate leaks. Once you’ve found a leak (windows and doors are common culprits) you can seal it with caulk, gaskets or weather stripping.
  • Protect your pipes. Insulate all pipes that run through unconditioned spaces like your attic, crawlspace, basement or garage. This will make pipe freeze much less likely during winter cold snaps. If you have outdoor hoses and faucets, make sure the water is turned off and hoses are disconnected.
  • Get the furnace ready. Change the air filter in your furnace before the heating season begins. It’s also best to schedule your heating system for annual maintenance before it gets cold.
  • Check air ducts. Look for leaky, broken, dented or disconnected air ducts that can reduce heating efficiency. You may be able to repair some ducts yourself, but a professional inspection is also an option if not all of your ductwork is easily accessible.
  • Inspect the chimney. Have your chimney inspected (and cleaned, if necessary) to get rid of dangerous creosote buildup.
  • Replace alarm batteries. Press the “test” button on each smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your home, and make sure they all have fresh batteries. Batteries should be changed once a year.

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