Wifi Thermostats: Take Charge of Your Home’s Climate, Whether at Home or Away

WiFi thermostats interface with a computer or smartphone to give you access to its settings remotely. A smart thermostat helps you fine tune your control over your house’s climate, resulting in a more comfortable home with energy cost savings.

In most cases, you’re out of the home for school or work during the day. You don’t have any reason to leave the heat up or the air conditioning on high throughout the day when no one is there, except that you don’t want to walk into an uncomfortable house after a long day at work.

You have two options to solve this problem with WiFi thermostats. The first is manually controlling the temperature settings from the thermostat’s app. You turn the heating or cooling off and on, set the specific temperature, and set timers for how long the system runs. The other option is programming the settings you want into the thermostat so it automatically handles temperature changes while you’re at work.

Your increased comfort level is a big benefit, but so is the cost savings. You won’t always remember to set a thermostat before you leave for work in the morning, especially if you’re rushed. You bring up the app to do it at work or have it set automatically so you don’t worry about a thing. This brings down your energy costs by only heating or cooling the house when people are actually home.

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