Whole-House Energy-Saving Tips for Your Fort Collins Home

You’ve just replaced your windows with highly efficient Energy Star units, or you’ve gotten a new furnace with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating that’s as high as they come, and you’re expecting a significant decrease in your energy bills. You will see some. But if you haven’t taken a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency in your Fort Collins home, that energy savings probably won’t be as large as what you’ve expected. Why? Your home has many systems–from the windows and the furnace to the insulation in your attic. When one system is addressed, but the others aren’t, your overall home performance will be improved but not significantly. To maximize your home’s overall energy savings, you need to look at your home as a whole. This is called the whole-house approach to energy savings. What are some of things you can do to incorporate this concept?

Air Sealing

Sealing the cracks and gaps around entrances, plumbing penetrations and electrical outlets with weatherstripping and caulk will help to keep the air you’re paying to heat where you want it–inside your home. Air sealing doesn’t cost much–the price of caulk and weatherstripping, plus a free weekend. But it can help your furnace do its job.

Seal Leaks in Ductwork

Leaky ducts can greatly increase the strain on your system. This is easy to solve by inspecting your ducts for gaps and loose connections. You can do some of the repairs yourself, but you will probably need the help of a professional to access hard-to-reach areas.

Insulate Your Ductwork and the Attic

Insulting your ducts after they have been inspected and repaired and adding about 10 to 14 inches of R-38 or greater insulation to your attic will greatly improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. In addition, take a look at your crawl space. If it’s ventilated and unconditioned, have a professional seal it and make it part of your conditioned space. This will improve your home comfort and keep your floors from becoming moist and mildewy.

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