Don’t Forget to Weatherize Existing Windows for Better Energy Efficiency

If your goal is to curb energy consumption around your home, one important task that you shouldn’t forget is tackling drafty, inefficient windows. These tips can help you weatherize existing windows so you boost comfort, lower energy usage and save money.

Purchase Shrink Film Kits

Simply choose a size to fit your windows, apply the double-sided tape around each window and then install the film. The final step is using a hair dryer to shrink the film to form an insulating air space.

Seal Cracked Panes

There are a couple of short-term fixes for sealing cracked window panes. Carefully apply clear nail polish to seal and stabilize the crack. Alternately, apply clear weather-proof tape along the length of the crack.

Use Rope Caulk

Shrinking window sashes can leave gaps and cracks that allow air leakage. Sealing them with pliable rope caulk is an effective way to block drafts. This type of caulk is also easily removed when you want to open the windows for natural ventilation.

Replace Damaged Glazing

Crumbling window glazing lets air leak in around loose panes of glass. To fix this, scrape off all the old glazing putty and carefully remove the panes. Apply a bed of fresh putty and use glazing points to re-secure the panes. Finally, add new putty and smooth it with a glazing tool.

Install Storm Windows

If there are exterior storm windows sitting unused in the attic or garage, you’re wasting an opportunity to eliminate drafts and insulate your windows. Interior storm panels that you can customize and simply press in place are an effective alternative.

Reduce Heat Transfer

Insulated blinds, shades or curtains can curtail costly heat transfer through the window glass all year long. Keep them closed on summer days to limit heat gain. Close them at night in the winter to control heat loss, but open them up in the morning to let the sun’s warmth radiate in.

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