Reduce Heating Costs with Energy-Saving Home Upgrades

Improving the overall energy efficiency of your home can help reduce heating costs and increase comfort levels during our cold Colorado winters. To start saving more energy today, consider tackling these effective energy-saving upgrades in your Fort Collins home.

Schedule an Energy Audit

During an energy audit, specialized assessment techniques and tools are used to identify efficiency issues. A blower door test is one such tool that can pinpoint sources of air leaks through your home’s shell. A thermographic inspection employs infrared cameras to locate areas of your home that lack sufficient insulation. Once you have the audit results in hand, you’ll know exactly what improvements to make to generate the greatest energy savings.

Seal Windows and Exterior Doors

Correcting air leaks around windows and exterior doors is an inexpensive and effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Start by installing weatherstripping around all exterior doors. Replace any damaged door sweeps, and adjust the threshold to close any gaps that let in cold air. Next, inspect your window frames. Remove any cracked or damaged caulk, and re-caulk each window to seal air leaks.

Increase Insulation

Installing sufficient insulation in key areas, such as exterior walls and the attic floor is vital for receiving the full benefit of your home’s heating system. Here in Colorado, a minimum of R-49 is recommended for attics. Keep in mind that expandable foam is the only type of insulation that also blocks airflow, so it’s effective at sealing and insulating exterior walls in an existing home.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Making the switch from a manual to a programmable thermostat can help you cut up to 20 percent on your annual heating costs. There are relatively inexpensive models available to match different weekly schedules. Once installed, program temperature setbacks based on your daily routine. Making 10-degree setbacks for daily eight-hour periods will provide the biggest energy savings.

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