Why a Two-Stage Furnace is a Wise Investment for Fort Collins

Winter is in full force in Fort Collins and you’ve no-doubt kicked on your furnace. If your current system is costing you because you you have to set the thermostat so high just to keep minimally warm, it may be time to replace.  Upgrading to a two-stage furnace may be the answer to increased comfort and savings in your home this winter.

What’s the difference between the old, traditional single-stage furnace and a two-stage furnace?  

Whether the day is mildly or severely cold, a single-stage furnace is capable of only turning on and off at full power, until it arrives at the thermostat’s pre-set temperature. This can result in inefficient heating causing uncomfortable fluctuations in your home.

The stop and go of your average single-speed furnace can also cause more wear and tear, thus upping its maintenance requirements and shortening its life. You will likely also be running up higher utility bills than you need to because the heat is running on high, all the time.

The two-stage furnace is designed to alternate between a high and low settings, which will result in:

* Consistent warmth – A two-stage furnace is able to distinguish between the moderate winter days and the really frigid ones. On the days when the weather is slightly cool, the first stage of the furnace starts at a low capacity. If the temperature drops, then the second stage takes over, providing higher heat. This will keep the temperature of your residence balanced.

* Economical heating – The two-stage furnace runs more efficient, saving energy. Instead of continual high heat whether or not it’s needed, this type of furnace can adjust itself to burn less fuel. In the end this could provide more savings in energy consumption and furnace repairs.

Our North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified technicians would be happy to offer further advice concerning the advantages of two-stage furnaces, so please contact Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been proudly serving Fort Collins-area homeowners since 1997.

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