Solar Attic Fans — An Affordable Method of Summer Ventilation

A properly vented attic keeps your home cooler while lowering your utility bills and combating condensation buildup, which can lead to mold, mildew and rot. Attic ventilation creates constant air circulation throughout the space and helps to dissipate moisture. Electric attic fans and passive ventilation have traditionally been used. But solar attic fans can function just as–if not more–efficiently, while providing added benefits.

A solar-powered attic fan is installed near the top of your home’s roof. Once it’s in place, it will kick on whenever the sun is shining, pulling fresh air through your soffit vents while at the same time pushing hot, humid air out of your attic. Some of the benefits you can experience include:

  • Lower installation costs: A solar powered attic fan draws no electricity, so there is no need for circuit breakers, other wiring or extra power cables. An experienced HVAC technician can quickly install the unit using conventional materials, tools and techniques.
  • Lower A/C costs: Without a fan, the temperature in an attic can climb as high as 150 degrees. With a solar attic fan, the temperature in your attic will be significantly lower at no added cost. And a lower attic temperature means the rest of your home won’t be as warm, because you won’t have as much heat radiating through ceiling.
  • Increased roof life: A ventilated attic keeps moisture condensation from degrading your roof, which will extend the life of your roofing materials. Extending the life of your roof by even one or two years is enough to justify an installation.

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