Planning to Replace Your Furnace? Consult This Buying Guide Before You Shop

As a homeowner in the Fort Collins area, you know how bad the winters get. With temperatures barely above freezing on the best of days, you want to know that you’re prepared, which is why you’re planning to replace your furnace.

Our buying guide centers on the most important decision making factors which will help you find the unit that suits your needs: Heating Load and Furnace Efficiency.

Heating Load

When we talk about heating load, we are talking “big picture” and want to calculate a whole house load that takes into account the Fort Collins climate in relation to the size, design and construction of your house.

This is a fairly straightforward assessment, but when you go to replace your furnace the key is to make certain you have a knowledgeable technician with good attention-to-detail as the calculation takes into account the entire make-up of your home.

Some pertinent aspects of this calculation include:

  • Ceiling-type: attic, roof joists
  • Outer-wall construction: brick, siding, stucco
  • Flooring: concrete slab, open crawl, closed or vented crawl
  • Windows: single, double, triple-pane
  • Doors: wood/metal, hollow/solid

Furnace Efficiency

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is a ratio of useful energy input to energy output. This means that for every 100 BTU’s of energy input into the system you will receive an average percentage of comfortable, warm and relaxing energy as output.

The AFUE rating on new furnaces can range from 78 percent and up, but it is good to remember that the higher the efficiency, the higher the initial cost.

Choose a professional, quality contractor who is open to your needs and desires. Insist that the contractor select a range of models with different efficiencies and calculate the annual estimated operating cost of each model. You want to be able to recoup the cost of your initial investment over the life of the furnace.

Balance Point Heating and Air knows that the most important aspect is to find the right people. We’ve been working the Fort Collins area for years and are here to help with any HVAC questions you may have.

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