Going With A Smart Programmable Thermostat? Now That’s The Idea

Many Fort Collins homeowners are familiar with the programmable thermostat – with just a few button presses, you can program your home’s HVAC system to operate efficiently for maximum energy savings. In the winter, you can program it to lower the temperature when you’re sleeping or away at work and raise it again before you wake up or arrive home. In the summer, you can program your thermostat to raise the temperature while you’re gone and lower it again before you come home. For many families the programmable thermostat is just fine. But you might want to ramp up your home’s energy efficiency. For you, there’s another programmable thermostat. It’s called the smart programmable thermostat.

What’s so smart about a smart programmable thermostat? A smart programmable thermostat takes advantage of the latest technology, making it easier for you to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year — wherever you are. It’s WiFi connected, so you can monitor your systems remotely from your computer, smart phone or tablet. That means if you’re away from home — on vacation, for instance — you can check on your home and then make sure everything’s running the way it should or change any settings as needed. Some smart thermostats also notify you immediately if there’s any reason for concern —  if there’s something wrong with your furnace or air conditioner, for example.

Smart programmable thermostats also allow you to keep track of your energy use, giving you an in-depth look at areas where you may be wasting energy. Many models track gas and electricity energy prices and provide weather forecasts. With this information, you can make better decisions about your energy use and save yourself money in the long run.

The smart programmable thermostat is surprisingly easy to use and designed with simplicity in mind. Most people can set up their smart thermostats in under a half hour.

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