Here’s How to Handle a Programmable Thermostat Malfunction

If the HVAC system in your Fort Collins home is not running at all, it is possible that there is a problem with you programmable thermostat, which acts as a switch to turn on the system. Before you replace the thermostat or call a professional for a service visit, try these troubleshooting tips for your programmable thermostat first, and you may save a bit of money:

  • Check the Power: Replace the batteries if the programmable thermostat uses them. If not, check the breakers in the main electrical panel to make sure there is power to the HVAC system. If there is power, use a voltmeter to check the power wires at the thermostat itself. Many systems operate on 24-volt DC current, but check with your HVAC system’s manual for verification and make sure your readings at the thermostat match.
  • Replace the Fuse: If you have put fresh batteries in the thermostat or verified that the power is on, check for a blown fuse. You may need to open the case of the thermostat. Check the owner’s manual for instructions, and replace the blown fuse with one that has the same specifications.
  • Check the Programming: Make sure that the times, temperatures and days of the week are all set correctly in the program and that the switch is moved fully to “Auto.” If not, correct the program and test the system.
  • Change Modes: If you are in the heating mode, switch to cooling, or if you are in cooling mode, switch to heating. If the system turns on in one mode, but not the other, it is a problem with the HVAC system itself.

If these solutions do not work, and other HVAC system problems have been ruled out, you may have to replace the thermostat. A new programmable thermostat is relatively inexpensive and it can be installed in just a few minutes with simple tools. For information about which models will work best with your HVAC system, contact our professionals at Balance Point Heating & Air-Conditioning today. We provide quality HVAC services to Fort Collins and the surrounding areas.

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