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If you are looking to slash A/C costs from 50-90% from your home’s current cooling system, cool your home without an air conditioner, or provide the most effective indoor air-quality enhancement, a whole house fan is an effective and energy-efficient solution. At Balance Point, our specialists recommend a QuietCool whole home fan as a means to keep your home cooler and ventilated utilizing the cooler temperatures outside.

What Does a Whole House Fan Do?

Homeowners here in the Fort Collins, CO, and Northern Colorado area generally use their home fan systems to supplement their air conditioner which will cut their cooling costs significantly. It is highly effective and energy efficient, as it employs cooler air from outdoors to cool your home, cutting back on your air conditioner’s usage.

The fan works by turning it on when the temperature outside dips below your home’s inside temperature, usually during the evenings or early mornings. The fan, typically installed in your ceiling via your attic, pulls the fresh air in from open windows and draws it up throughout your home. All this air movement cools your home, sending the warmer air up to your fan and into your attic, where it exits to the outdoors through properly sized attic vents.

As opposed to an attic fan, which only removes hot air from your attic, a QuietCool whole house fan drives air throughout your entire home’s living space, utilizing thermal mass cooling to create a breeze within your entire home.

The professional home analysis is a crucial step in making sure the QuietCool Home Fan systems will be a great fit for your needs as a consumer. Be sure to reach out to our professionals. They can assess your home to develop an installation plan, and ensure attic ventilation, electrical, and fan placement is proper.

Its Benefits

QuietCool -Energy Efficiency fan

These fans possess upgrades from the older whole house fans you may know. Owning an extremely quiet ducted whole house fan offers many benefits for you and your home, as it:

  • Reduces energy costs, since it uses on average 90% less energy than standard air conditioning
  • Decreases your air conditioning use by 50 – 90%
  • Increases your indoor air quality (IAQ) by preventing mold and mildew and eliminating indoor air pollution, e.g., bacteria, viruses, pet dander, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Replaces all your home’s air 15 to 20 times per hour at little to no cost.
  • Remains extremely quiet without vibration noise due to the QuietCool Patented Ducted Design
  • Provides variable speeds to either flush air quickly or create gentle, continuous airflow
  • More effective than any indoor air quality product on the market, as it completely replaces the stale indoor air with 100% fresh outdoor air in a matter of seconds.

Though you may already have an air conditioning system in your home, when the outdoor temperature rises, your cooling system may struggle at times to keep your home comfortable. If it struggles, your system is no longer operating efficiently, unnecessarily costing you money. At Balance Point, we highly recommend a whole house fan as an effective complement to your current system. Call 970-480-0387 today to schedule your assessment appointment. Once our experienced cooling experts install a QuietCool whole house fan in your home, you will immediately begin to enjoy cooler temperatures, improved air-quality, and overall comfort for less money.

To learn more about QuietCool, visit their website at quietcooldealer.com.

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