Preventing Ice Dams Means Never Having To Deal With Repercussions

If you’ve ever had to deal with an ice dam, it won’t take much to convince you of the importance of prevention. Dealing with an ice dam is an inconvenient, sometimes costly endeavor. In a worst-case scenario, you might have to replace your roof, remove mold or replace your gutters. It’s much easier to prevent an ice dam in the first place.

What is an ice dam?

Simply put, an ice dam is a wedge of ice on the edge of a roof. The dam prevents the proper drainage of melting snow and water and causes the water to back up, eventually leaking through the roof and into the attic, where it damages insulation, ceilings and walls.

What conditions cause ice dams to form?

Extreme temperature fluctuations are the primary cause of ice dams. Heat loss from your home is a contributing factor. Here’s what happens. As snow collects on the roof, temperature variations between the (warmer) upper and (cooler) lower portion of the roof cause snow at the top to melt. When that water reaches the cooler lower portions, ice begins to form.

Preventing ice dams

Obviously, you can’t control the outdoor temperature, but it’s possible to manage the temperature fluctuations on the roof, ensuring uniformity throughout the space. Three measures can help you do that:

  • Seal the attic space, preventing warm air in your living area from getting into the attic.
  • Ensure that your attic is properly insulated, creating a uniform temperature on your roof.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated, which can promote a uniform temperature.

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