An Over-sized Furnace: Why Bigger Is Not Better

If you are considering replacing your furnace, the thought of cold winter nights without enough heat is probably one of the main reasons. You may be thinking that the largest furnace possible will ensure a warm winter with less strain on the HVAC equipment. This is not necessarily the case. An over-sized furnace may be less energy efficient and cause your home to be less comfortable.

Over-sized Furnace Facts

  • Inconsistent heating –  A furnace that is too large for the living space can cause inconsistent heating. Some areas in your home may become warm quickly while other rooms take longer to reach your set temperature. This is a poor way of heating your home. An under-insulated house may be even more uncomfortable as heat dissipates quickly.
  • Shortened lifespan – Depending on where the thermostat is located, the furnace may start rapid-cycling or turning on and off quickly. This causes wear on the system components. The result is a shortened lifespan for your HVAC system. At the very least, expense repairs may be necessary long before the normal amount of time.
  • Shutdown feature –  Rapid-cycling may cause a furnace to shut down over time. Later model furnaces have a feature that will prevent damage to your system by turning off the furnace. This is prone to happen during the coldest times.
  • Less energy efficient – Heat loss may result from air being forced into ductwork that cannot handle the volume from a overly large furnace. Peak efficiency may never be reached with this condition.

If you have an older furnace that is going to be replaced, don’t assume the furnace is the correct size. Have a professional do calculations to ensure you are installing the right furnace. A technician uses a special formula called a Manual J calculation to measure your living space. This includes the number of windows and doors, the type of insulation and other factors to determine the correct size furnace.

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