Ensuring Optimal Air Quality In The Home You’re About To Build Or Remodel

If you’re building a home in greater Fort Collins or remodeling the one you have, now’s the time to address the issue of pollutants that could compromise your ability to achieve optimal air quality in your new construction. Don’t overlook this opportunity to improve your air quality, along with the aesthetics of your home. Learn the common contaminants that undermine air quality, as well as the strategies for remedying any problems.

Some of the more problematic pollutants in a home include:

  • Radon.
  • Combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Volatile organic compounds in paints, furnishings and building materials.
  • Excessive moisture.

Solving air quality problems when you’re starting from the ground up makes sense. You can address air quality problems in a significant way. Here’s what you can do:

  • Address radon – Radon has been linked to cancer. Enlist the help of a professional to test for it. Your contractor may employ a soil suction system to keep radon out of your home. There are other options for eliminating it if it has already entered your home.
  • Employ effective drainage systems – Preventing moisture-related health issues and damage to your home calls for a two-step approach. The foundation must be properly sealed to prevent leakage. And there must be an effective drainage system to prevent water accumulation around your home’s foundation.
  • Use ventilation – One of the best ways to expel pollutants is a balanced ventilation system, which provides fresh incoming air to replace stale outgoing air.
  • Choose materials carefully – Many home materials contain VOCs. Eliminating this pollutant at the source is an effective way to encourage optimal air quality. Whenever possible, choose environmentally friendly building materials.

Before you break ground on your new home or addition, contact Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning for more tips that will help you ensure optimal air quality. We serve homeowners in greater Fort Collins.

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