Your New Furnace: ECM or PSC Motor? Well, That’s an Easy Choice

When you are replacing a motor on your furnace or installing a new system, the question of a furnace ECM or PSC will undoubtedly come up. PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) motors have one speed which is controlled by a series of power reductions; as well as being less efficient, the motor isn’t easily repairable meaning complete replacement of the unit is necessary. The ECM (Electronically Commuted Motor) is inherently a more efficient and superior design allowing for control of flow and power consumption, as well as allowing for easier repair if ever needed over the life of the motor.

PSC motors have long been the standard motor for furnaces. The reason they are common is because they cost less to install initially. The motors run on AC power which is common household power, but do not have any settings to decrease speed or power consumption, hence the “permanent” in the name. This leads to an either fully on or completely off operation which means greater fluctuation in temperature during cold Fort Collins winters.

ECMs are less commonly installed because they generally cost more initially. The motors also have a built-in microchip which gives increased control over power usage and output of the system. This enables the motor to work at half power or quarter power, when the temperature is only slightly lower than desired. Because of this feature, temperature fluctuations are decreased. The ECM is also designed to allow repair or replacement of broken parts instead of complete replacement of the motor if needed.

Overall the furnace ECM is a better choice for you and your home. A greater upfront cost will give way to energy savings and lower maintenance costs of your furnace system. It also allows for more control of temperature setting as the winter blows in.

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