Single, Two Stage or Variable — What Kind of Furnace Will Work for You?

If you find yourself in need of a new heating system for your Colorado home, you’re probably wondering what kind of furnace is best for you. It can be a daunting choice to have to make, but furnace options can be broken down into three basic categories:

Single-Stage Furnaces

Sometimes referred to as single-speed furnaces, these models have one heat setting, designed to provide maximum heating power at all times. This might sound like a good thing until you consider that a furnace that only produces heat at 100 percent capacity also burns through energy like crazy. Single-stage furnaces are either on or off, with no options in between, which makes them among the least energy efficient  for most homes.

Two-Stage Furnaces

A significant upgrade from single stage models, two-stage furnaces are exactly what they sound like. They have two heat settings, allowing for a little more control and nuance. Two-stage furnaces run at their lower stage most of the time, providing enough power to keep you warm, but not so much as to be wasteful. The higher stage only kicks in about 25 percent of the time, giving your home an extra burst of heat when it gets extremely cold outside. These furnaces burn up less fuel than their single-stage counterparts, and offer significant energy savings in the long run.

Variable-Speed Furnaces

You could call variable-speed furnaces the smartest furnaces on the market. The “variable” aspect refers to the blower motor, which uses intelligent technology to operate at a wide variety of speeds. The upshot is that these furnaces can take into account temperature, ductwork design, airflow restrictions, furnace location and other factors to continuously adjust the delivery of heated air to your home. This provides a significant boost in efficiency, along with a major advance in the amount of control you have over household temperature.

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