Getting a New HVAC System? Consider These Things First

Getting a new HVAC system is a decision that will impact your household budget and the comfort of your family for the next 10 to 15 years. To help you make the wisest equipment choice, discuss your options with a reputable HVAC professional and consider the following key factors.

  • Lifetime costs – Go beyond the sticker price for each equipment model you’re considering and investigate the anticipated costs of operating and maintaining it over its expected life span.
  • Correct sizing – Don’t let your installer simply match the size of the existing equipment or use a rule of thumb to estimate cooling capacity. Instead, insist on having a detailed load calculation performed based on Manual J.
  • Reliability – High efficiency HVAC equipment constructed by established manufacturers are built more durably to provide years of reliable service. Even if it costs a bit more initially, reliable equipment can save considerable expense and inconvenience on repairs and premature replacements over time.
  • Energy savings – To control energy consumption and costs, choose the most efficient equipment option available that fits with your budget. By opting for an Energy Star-certified model, you can boost efficiency and savings by an additional 15 percent over a standard unit.
  • Temperature control – Make sure you integrate technology into the temperature controls with a programmable thermostat. Choose one that matches your equipment and weekly scheduling needs, and use it to automate heating and cooling to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Motor speed – Consider investing in a variable-speed motor that adjusts its speed automatically. Compared to a standard, single-speed motor that cycles on and off frequently, variable-speed technology responds to changing heating and cooling needs to optimize energy usage, improve comfort and limit wear and tear.
  • Air quality – Indoor air pollution is a real concern in today’s tightly constructed homes. Having an air cleaner installed along with new HVAC equipment can keep the air supply free of potentially harmful contaminants and allergens.

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