What Level of HVAC Customer Service Should You Expect?

As with every other service professional you deal with, you should always get top-tier HVAC customer service from your HVAC professional. Because your heating and cooling systems are an integral part of your home as well as your home life, you should expect nothing less than first class service.

As a general rule, you should expect the following; honesty, professionalism, communication and timeliness. All of these traits are the sign of a professional, the type of company you should be doing business with. There is no excuse for hiring a firm that doesn’t possess each of these attributes.

Honesty: There should be trust between you and your HVAC professional. Making false claims, overselling, padding the invoice and not honoring verbal quotes should never be tolerated by a homeowner. Any unexpected costs that exceed the original estimate should be communicated and explained clearly as quickly as possible.

Professionalism: Showing up in a presentable manner, keeping the work area neat and leaving the job site in the same condition as it was found is the hallmark of a pro. Courtesy, good listening skills and the ability to accurately communicate all work and charges are necessary skills.

Communication; A service professional who keeps you in the loop in situations where there are lot of components is the type you want to hire. Because heating and cooling systems are complex, unplanned things happen without warning. Keeping you informed of any issues, changes and unexpected repairs during the service call is paramount.

Timeliness: Getting back in contact with you as well as making it to the job on time are both imperative. If there is a delay, a true professional will contact you and let you know that he is running late. Making you wait beyond the promised appointment window is unacceptable.

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