How to Reduce Uncomfortable Humidity in Your Home

While the Front Range is relatively dry in terms of relative humidity, we can still get some sticky days in the summer, and some homes have unique conditions that make the indoor air more humid. The good news is that a variety of strategies are available to reduce humidity in your Fort Collins area home. This will improve comfort while helping to reduce cooling bills.

Tips to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

  • Ventilation is essential, particularly in parts of the home that regularly introduce moisture into the air such as bathrooms, the kitchen and finished basement. Run exhaust fans during activities that produce moisture, and keep them on for 10 or 15 minutes after the activity is over. Exhaust fans should be vented outside to avoid expelling muggy air back into the house.
  • When it’s nice and dry outside, open windows to flush out stale, humid indoor air that builds up inside over time.
  • Make sure attic ventilation meets building standards, and that the attic is well sealed and insulated. Moisture in the attic can compromise insulation and damage building materials, fixtures and personal belongings. A hot, humid attic can also have negative consequences in the living areas below.
  • Use ceiling fans to move the air in your home and create a supplemental cooling effect for home occupants who feel the air movement. Moisture evaporates easier in moving air.
  • Take shorter showers and baths, and don’t make them so hot. All that steam from a long, hot shower will humidify the air near the bathroom for hours after. Also make the switch to low-flow shower heads.
  • On relatively humid days, run the air conditioning rather than opening windows. An A/C not only cools indoor air, but also dehumidifies it. But beware; If your central A/C is oversized for your home, it will struggle to remove moisture from indoor air.
  • Clothes dryers should be vented outside the home.
  • For effective dehumidification throughout the home, consider a whole-house dehumidifier tied into your central HVAC system.

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