How Can Whole-Home Humidifiers Benefit Your Health?

During the winter, your home’s indoor air can become uncomfortably dry due to low humidity. Noses, throats, skin and sinuses can dry out, resulting in respiratory and other health problems. Fortunately, increasing home humidity levels with a portable or whole-home humidifier can help prevent these problems and raise your comfort level.

Low Humidity in Your Home

Low home humidity is a common occurrence during the heating season. Cold air simply does not hold moisture as well as warm air. Additionally, with furnaces and other heating equipment in use, your home’s air may become even more dry and uncomfortable.

Generally in the winter, it’s best if your home’s humidity doesn’t fall below 40 percent. When humidity is too low, the mucous membranes that line our respiratory tract dry out and crack, creating a pathway for germs and infection. What’s more, flu viruses actually survive better and are transmitted more easily in dry conditions. Overall, dry, cracked lips, chapped hands and itchy, flaky skin can make you feel super uncomfortable.

Increasing Humidity

To find out what level of humidity your home has, buy a hygrometer to measure the amount of moisture in the air. If your moisture level is too low (below 40 percent), several things can be done to increase your humidity:

  • Boil pans of water on the stove.
  • Increase the number of house plants in your home.
  • After taking a hot shower, leave the bathroom door open and use a fan to send moisture out into the home.

You can also add either portable or whole-home humidifiers to your home. Portable models must be moved from room to room. They also need to be refilled, cleaned and maintained, so that mold doesn’t become a problem. Whole-home humidifiers are installed in HVAC systems, with moisture released either as mist or evaporative steam. They don’t require refilling or as much maintenance as portable humidifiers.

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