Combat Colorado Dryness with Regular Humidifier Maintenance

With winter in full force, making sure your humidification system is up to snuff becomes a top priority. Routine maintenance has the potential to improve and maintain your health and comfort, as well as save you money and protect your personal possessions. Humidifiers replace the moisture removed from the air by your heating system. The dry air is responsible for many common winter complaints, including dry skin, chapped lips and cracked wallpaper and peeling paint. Colorado winters can be formidable so maintaining the right balance of humidity in your home will ensure that the common winter nuisances don’t affect you.

There are many different types of humidifiers but they can all be broken down into two basic types: whole-house and area humidifiers. Area humidifiers are generally easily portable and in many cases are designed to humidify one room. Whole-house humidifiers are a unit that is hooked up to the ventilation system as well as the water supply for the house.

The following points will help you maintain your units for a healthy, comfortable winter.

  • Replace the filter or water panel: Whole house units often have a water panel that must be  replaced once a year.  Mobile units, however, have either washable filters or disposable filters, depending on the model.  Regardless, these filters must be cleaned or replaced routinely in order to avoid bacteria buildup (and subsequent distribution into your air supply).  Not only is bacteria or even mold or mildew a potential concern, but the minerals naturally found in water eventually build up, reducing the effectiveness of the filter itself.
  • Replace the water: Whole house humidifiers constantly use fresh water so this point does not apply to them. Mobile humidifier maintenance requires fresh water every three days, at the very least. In units where water is collected or stored in a basin, it is important to make disinfecting the basin a part of your humidifier maintenance as well.

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