How to Ensure You Stay Energy Efficient With Your Holiday Light Display

Holiday light displays in some neighborhoods begin as early as October as homeowners display Halloween lights before transitioning to Christmas lights. To create a lovely display without raising your electricity bill, holiday lights and energy efficiency need to go hand in hand. There are many ways to keep holiday displays from raising bills including using LED lights, energy-saving bulbs, and a timer.

LED Lights

While traditional colored bulbs are small, they take considerable energy to power. The more recent strings of lights use 5-7 watts per bulb but older strings use up to 10 watts per bulb. That really adds up when light strings range from 10-200 bulbs long. Alternatively, LED lights use 80-90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, last longer, and stay cooler because there aren’t filaments in the bulbs. Strings of LEDs or LED illuminated displays that are solar powered are even better because you don’t have to run cords and they can soak up the sun all day for bright displays at night. With LED technology, you easily combine holiday lights and energy efficiency.

Energy-saving Bulbs

An alternative to LED lights are energy-saving bulbs. These bulbs use approximately 1/4 of the amount of electricity that traditional bulbs do and can last up to 12 times as long. This way of combining holiday lights and energy efficiency is ideal for displays that require larger bulbs. Energy-saving bulbs have evolved and improved so that they now include various fittings, sizes and shapes to fit all your holiday and indoor light fixtures.


Even the most organized people forget important details like turning holiday lights off. Eliminate the need to remember this task by using a timer or two to control when your lights are on. Using a timer is also a great idea for home security because your lights can come on before you get home to illuminate your way and deter intruders. To prevent any problems, insure that the timers you select can handle the total wattage of your holiday lights.

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