Getting Optimal Heat Pump Performance in Your New Home

If you’re building a home in northern Colorado, you need to decide what type of heating and cooling system to install. One of your options is a heat pump. This two-in-one system provides heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Choosing a system andsizing it correctly are the first steps, but you must also prepare your home and ensure proper installation to enjoy peak heat pump performance. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Seal your home: Comprehensive insulation, energy-efficient windows and an airtight seal make your home as efficient as possible. Taking these steps first allows you to install a smaller heat pump, which is less expensive to purchase and operate.
  • Request a load calculation: Don’t let your installer use any rule of thumb to determine the size of your new unit. Instead, ask your expert contractor to conduct a load calculation. This ensures optimal comfort and heat pump performance.
  • Install ducts efficiently: Never use building cavities as makeshift ductwork. Short duct runs waste less energy than longer ones. Ducts installed within the insulation barrier are also more efficient than those that run through an attic, garage or crawlspace. Avoid installing ducts in these areas whenever possible.
  • Install return vents in every room: This keeps each room comfortable and at a stable pressure.
  • Install the condensing unit properly: Whenever possible, install the outdoor condensing unit in a location that’s shaded during the hottest part of the day in Fort Collins. Also keep the condensing unit free of vegetation and obstructions.

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