Important Considerations to Make Before Replacing a Home Heat Pump

If your home isn’t as cool as you’d like it to be in the summer or warm enough in the winter, your heat pump system may be experiencing some problems. Make sure you consider the following five factors before you replace your home heat pump.

Does Your Heat Pump Actually Need Replacing?

If your home heat pump needs repairs every year, you should consider replacing it, especially if it’s more than 10 years old. More efficient models are now available and can help you save more money.

What Size Do You Need?

You don’t necessarily have to replace your home heat pump with one of the same size. The optimal size will run efficiently and provide the highest level of comfort.

If your heat pump is too large, your humidity won’t be well controlled. As a result, your unit will cycle on and off frequently, making it hard to operate efficiently. If your heat pump is too small, it won’t be able to effectively heat your home in the winter and cool it during the summer.

What Type is Best?

Several different types of home heat pumps are available. We offer a wide variety of models from companies that are leaders in the heating and cooling industry. Our staff can help you choose one that best meets your needs, from energy savings to humidity control.

Is Your Ductwork in Good Shape?

Ductwork can develop cracks and leaks. It might also not be properly insulated. We can check your ductwork to make sure it hasn’t deteriorated, as well as fix any problems to make your new heat pump operates at peak efficiency.

Is Your Heat Pump Properly Placed?

Your heat pump may not be located in the best place in your home and climate. If you have a new unit installed, we can make sure it’s placed away from strong winds. It also needs to be installed above the level of anticipated snow, an especially important consideration for Colorado homeowners.

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