Keep Heat Gain in Check With These Tips for Your Fort Collins Home

Summers in the Fort Collins area can get toasty, and with the hot weather comes increased heat gain and household cooling costs. The good news is that you can reduce your dependency on your air conditioner by taking some relatively simple and low cost steps. Doing so not only results in greater energy savings, but also will make your living space feel more comfortable. Learn more about summer heat gain and effective ways to control it.

What Is Heat Gain?

Heat gain is the additional heat your home takes on from a variety of sources. The sun’s warmth comes in through windows and skylights. Heat also enters by conduction through areas such as your ceilings and walls. People inside your home give off heat and moisture as well. Heat levels also rise when hot outdoor air finds access inside, while cooled indoor air leaks out. When moist outside air comes inside and dry indoor air exits, your home will also feel hotter.

The following tips will help bring down the amount of heat gained throughout your home:

  • Windows: Nearly half of a home’s heat gain occurs through windows. Use trees, awnings, shade screens and the like on the outside of your house to block sunlight through exposed windows. Blinds, curtains and shutters can be used inside. These should be closed during the day, but opened back up at night. Install energy efficient windows when it’s time for an upgrade.
  • The shell: Your home’s exterior absorbs a good deal of outside heat and transfers it inside. Combat this effect with adequate insulation in your attic and walls. Any air leaks should be sealed with weatherstripping and caulking.
  • Heat sources from inside: Cooking, showering, using appliances and other activities can also increase warmth. Avoid doing these tasks during the day.
  • Attic ventilation: Make sure you have adequate attic ventilation to stop heat in your attic from infiltrating your living area.

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