Getting a New Furnace? Questions for Your Installer

When you buy a car, you most likely do your research before you start talking with any dealers. You look into what the various manufacturers are offering, the features that weren’t available when you purchased your present car, fuel economy and the various warranties. The same goes for buying a furnace. You want to do your research before you talk with any HVAC-system contractors.

After you’ve narrowed the field of prospective contractors–possibly based on recommendations from friends and family members–you’ll want to interview each. Fitting your home with the right furnace will require some calculations on the contractor’s part. He’ll need to determine your home’s heating load so that the furnace can be sized correctly, and this is based on a number of factors including the orientation of your home, the number and size of your windows and even how many people are living in your home. It’s a red flag if any contractor tries to give you a ballpark estimate over the phone.

After you’ve selected your contractor and determined the type of unit that you want, your job isn’t done. You should put several questions to your contractor. Here are some of them:

  • What kind of manufacturer’s warranty does the furnace come with?
  • How much experience do the contractor’s technicians have with the specific type of furnace that you’re getting?
  • If you’re getting a condensing gas furnace, where will the sidewall vent be located? If you don’t care for the spot the contractor is proposing, the time to change the location is before the unit goes in.
  • Does your contractor recommend putting the furnace on a platform a few inches above the basement floor? Basements do get wet from time to time, and you don’t want any harm to come to your furnace.
  • Will your ductwork require modifications? If so, what will they be?

A furnace is a major investment that will affect your comfort and energy efficiency for many years to come. To make sure you have a unit that’s ideally suited to your Fort Collins home, contact the experts at Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning. Get in touch with us  today to schedule your appointment.

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