How to Troubleshoot the Problems Your Gas Furnace Is Facing

Do you need help troubleshooting a gas furnace? Following are some tips to ensure that your conventional gas furnace is operating like it should be and help you whip it back into shape if it’s not.

Understanding Your Conventional Gas Furnace
Before troubleshooting a gas furnace commences, it helps to get a solid understanding of the working parts and components that make up your furnace. Your furnace’s job is to take in cool air, heat it up and disperse it out for your comfort. This “heating loop” is comprised of the following:

  • The blower draws in air through return air grills and duct work
  • The air is passed through an air filter
  • The air is heated by the burner
  • The blower fan blows the heated air through your duct work and out your vents to heat your home

Troubleshooting a Gas Furnace That Produces No Heat

Check your thermostat setting. Try turning the heat up. Next, ensure that the thermostat is working properly with fresh batteries and proper programming. If it does not use batteries check the circuit breaker box to insure that a fuse or breaker is not the issue. One more good idea at this point it to check the furnace air filter and replace it if necessary.

If the thermostat is okay and the filter is clean, check the pilot light. If the light is out but the furnace is running or attempting to run, then the actual pilot light or the electronic ignition may be malfunctioning. It could also be that the gas burners themselves need to be cleaned or adjusted by a professional.

If you are still not getting heat, check the blower. The motor or belt of the blower may need to be repaired or replaced. If you get to this point it may be a good idea to call a pro.

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