Furnace Troubleshooting: Simple Fixes You Can Try Yourself

Forced-air furnaces are designed to last for years with regular maintenance. But despite their overall reliability, furnaces can and do break down. Usually, this means a call to your HVAC contractor for a service call. Sometimes, though, some simple troubleshooting can remedy the problem. If your furnace breaks down, try one of these simple fixes before you call the repairman.

  • Take a look at the registers in each room, and make sure none of them are blocked or closed.
  • Check the air filter. If it looks clogged when you hold it up to the light, change it.
  • Check the circuit breaker, and reset it if it has been tripped. If it trips again, call your contractor.
  • Many older furnaces have pilot lights. If the pilot light in your furnace is out, refer to your owner’s manual for relighting instructions. The instructions might also be inside the furnace cabinet. This is something you might want your contractor do, as it involves turning off the gas valve.
  • Check the thermostat. Raise it 5 degrees, and see if the furnace goes on.

If none of these suggestions work, call your heating and cooling contractor.

Remember, the likelihood that your furnace will break down isn’t as great if you stay on top of your maintenance. That means:

  • Getting a tune-up at the start of every heating season. Your technician will make sure all components are in working order. And if he sees a problem developing, he’ll tend to it before it becomes a major issue.
  • Check the filter regularly, and change it as soon as it looks dirty.
  • Vacuum the area around the air handler at least once a year, and keep a safe clearance all around it.

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