Furnace Replacement? Before You Commit, Consider These Pointers

No one likes hearing “you may need a furnace replacement.” Sometimes the truth is hard to hear because furnace replacement can be expensive and time consuming. However, it is a necessary part of homeownership.

Before putting up the cash to replace, consider the following pointers. These tips will help you determine if replacement is the answer or if you can have your unit replaced.

Here are some suggestions.

  • How old is your furnace? It is generally recommended to replace your furnace if it’s more than 15 years old. If your system originally had a coal burner or currently has a pilot light instead of electrical ignition, or even lacks vent dampers replacement maybe an option as all these features have been phased out. Fort Collins is also a perfect climate for an efficient two-stage furnace, which can alternate between high and low settings, as opposed to an older single-stage.
  • Are your costs increasing? Sometimes you may find it costs more to keep an old heating system hanging on instead of investing in something new. If your energy bill starts increasing more than usual, purchasing an efficient modern furnace can cut your heating costs.
  • Are there safety concerns? Sometimes our technicians may “red tag” a furnace, when we take it off-line to keep you safe from dangerous gases.  Replacing or repairing a damaged heat exchanger can sometimes cost as much as a full furnace replacement.
  • What will you heat? Your furnace may have burned one type of fuel, like oil, when it was new. But over time, new technologies have emerged so there are now less expensive and more environmentally sound sources.

We are happy to discuss modern fuel types and we offer free estimates or a second opinion if another company recommends replacement or says yours is still good. We may affirm their view or offer a different recommendation, but either way, we’ll help your choice.If you’re considering a furnace replacement, be sure to contact our team at Balance Point Heating.

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