What to Expect During Your Fall Furnace Maintenance Call

No one wants to call an HVAC-system professional in the middle of a cold snap because the furnace has died. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to help prevent that scenario. Making sure your furnace is serviced by an HVAC-system professional at the start of every heating season can go a long way toward ensuring that your system runs trouble-free for the duration of the heating season.

And should your furnace have what looks like a significant problem, your technician can tell you right away so that you can make the important repair or replace decision before the start of the heating season. Here are some basic things your technician should do during a routine tune-up.

  • Check the ductwork, especially the connections, for breaches.
  • Measure electrical and gas usage and check them against unit specifications.
  • Inspect the unit for signs of rust and corrosion.
  • Ensure that burners are all lighting and staying lit. Check the mix to ensure that the burners are creating a clean flame.
  • Inspect the drainage system to ensure that there are no water leaks inside or outside the furnace.
  • Change the air filter. (This is something you will also need to do as the heating season progresses.)
  • Check the wiring for signs of corrosion.
  • Clean the various connections.

Your fall furnace tune-up is an ideal time to talk with your technician and ask questions that may have come up during last year’s heating season. Are you using the right kind of air filter, or does he recommend another type? Are any rooms in your home too warm or too cold? Is your furnace making any strange noises? A truly professional HVAC system tech will answer all of your questions to help you achieve optimal comfort and savings.

Have you been putting off your annual furnace tune-up? For expert attention, contact Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll be happy to give your heating system a thorough tune-up. We serve homeowners throughout the Fort Collins area.

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