Leave Furnace Installation to the Pros — There Are Other Jobs For You To Handle

If you’re someone who’s handy, doing your own home repairs can save you a lot of money. Some jobs, though, are best left to the pros. Furnace installation is one of them. Qualified HVAC-system technicians have the training and equipment necessary to ensure that your furnace installation is done safely and efficiently. Having the pros do the job can free you up for the other jobs around your home that need to be done.

So you wonder why it’s better to let experienced HVAC techs do the installation? Here are a few reasons:

  • Furnace installation requires specialized tools and equipment, which the average homeowner just doesn’t have. Buying them yourself would likely be a one-time purchase, as you don’t replace a furnace all that often. This would eat into the savings you believe you would realize.
  • Installing a furnace isn’t just a matter of swapping the new unit for the old unit. Ductwork and venting have to be taken into consideration. And how are you at brazing at copper pipes? Doing an inept job can present serious air quality and home safety issues.
  • Even if you’ve managed to size your furnace correctly (another job that really requires the expertise of HVAC professionals), it’s likely that you won’t be able to obtain a highly efficient model. Manufacturers generally make these models, which tend to be more sophisticated than their less-efficient counterparts, available to reputable dealers only. And even if you could put your hands on a high-efficiency furnace, it’s quite possible that the manufacturer would not honor the warranty for a DIY-installed furnace.

As you can see, any DIY savings would quickly be negated. A furnace is a sizable investment, and it’s meant to serve you for many years. Let the pros do this job. And take care of the other things around your home that need to be done. In the Fort Collins area, contact Balance Point Heating & Air-Conditioning. Our honest, reliable and highly qualified HVAC technicians can install, service and repair your new furnace, along with your other home-comfort systems. Give us a call.


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