Don’t Neglect Your Furnace Filter: Tips on What Type to Buy

Dust, pollen and other particles in the air are the cause of everything from allergies to inefficient or broken heating and cooling systems. When you operate your furnace during the winter, your furnace filter helps get rid of the airborne particles that can cause problems. You may have not thought much about furnace filters in the past, but we can help you pick one that’s just right for your needs and budget. Here are the types of filters you have to choose from today:

  • Panel filters – Used in most heating and cooling systems in Colorado, these filters do a good job of protecting internal HVAC components, but they’re not very good at improving indoor air quality. They can be used in conjunction with other filters to improve conditions.
  • Washable filters – While these furnace filters can be cleaned, they cannot be completely restored to their factory condition. Washable filters can be cost-effective and less wasteful, but their lower MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating means they won’t filter out many smaller particles.
  • Pleated filters – These are similar to panel filters, but are pleated so that there is more surface area to improve filtering ability. The high-efficiency version of these filters uses an electrostatic charge to catch the tiniest particles that make up your home’s air. Regular replacement is crucial since dirty filters can drastically reduce air flow.
  • HEPA filters – High efficiency particulate air filters use sub-micron glass fibers layered over a central core filter. Because these filters don’t fit in most standard furnaces, a separate system consisting of a fan is usually required.

Once you’ve chosen the right furnace filter, you can maintain your heating power and indoor air quality by cleaning your filter regularly and scheduling fall furnace maintenance. If you’d like more professional advice about furnaces and other aspects of your heating and cooling systems, please contact us at Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’re proud to deliver excellent service at reasonable rates to homeowners throughout the Fort Collins area.

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