How to Select the Best Furnace Filter for Indoor Air Quality

Regularly changing the air filter in your HVAC system is a quick and simple task. However, many homeowners don’t replace their filter on a set schedule. The air quality of your home can be significantly reduced by running your system with a dirty filter. Anyone in your household suffering from allergies may experience increased symptoms.

The industry standard for measuring a filter’s ability to capture air particles is called the minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV rating. The scale runs from one to 20 with the higher number ratings being more efficient at trapping smaller-sized particles. Learning about the different options available will help you choose the best furnace filter for your home.

Types of Furnace Filters

Disposable fiberglass filters – The flat panel design is inexpensive and can trap large pollutants, but smaller particles can pass through and enter your home’s air circulation. These filters are capable of protecting your HVAC components, but aren’t a good choice for anyone concerned with good indoor air quality. The MERV rating for fiberglass filters runs from one to four.

Disposable pleated filters – Folded filter materials have a larger filtering space, making it efficient at catching all size air particles. This is the most popular choice among homeowners. Your furnace components are protected and air quality is significantly improved with pleated filters. The MERV rating is six to 12.

Washable filters – The maintenance required for this filter makes it an unpopular choice among homeowners. A filter that’s not completely dry when installed can cause the formation of mold in your ductwork. A low MERV rating of one to four is assigned to washable filters.

High-efficiency filters – Dense materials give this filter a superior ability to capture all size air pollutants. The extreme nature can reduce airflow causing increased strain on your heating and cooling system. However, a homeowner with special air quality concerns can benefit from this option. The MERV rating is very high, running from 13 to 16.

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