Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Address the Problem with These Helpful Tips

There’s nothing quite as disappointing than turning on your furnace during the winter and feeling a blast of icy cold air. If this occurs, it’s important to call a quality HVAC expert to troubleshoot your furnace. However, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to help you address the furnace problem in your Fort Collins home.

Check the Filter

First, check to see if your filter is clean. A dirty filter prevents air from passing through, limiting the heating potential of your furnace. Some systems shut down when airflow is inadequate to prevent overheating, even if your fan is blowing cold air.

Check the Thermostat

Next, check your thermostat to see if it’s operating in a cooling or heating mode. If your thermostat is “on” or set on the “fan-only” mode, your fan may be running constantly even after the furnace stops heating your home. If this is the case, turn on the thermostat and wait for it to reboot. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, your thermostat may need repair.

Inspect the Ductwork

It’s always important to check your ductwork and registers. If only one room has cold air, then your home may have some blocked registers or a ductwork leakage.

Check the Furnace Power

Sometimes your furnace won’t turn on at all. Check the power source if your system is well connected. Then, see whether your system may have tripped the circuit or blown a fuse. If your circuit breaker is on, check your system’s compartment and reset if necessary. If this doesn’t solve your problem, contact a professional.

Check the Fuel Source

Every furnace utilizes fuel to generate heat. If there’s no fuel supply, your system will only blow cold air. Inspect your system for a clogged oil filter, ensuring there’s an appropriate amount of oil.

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