How to Read the EnergyGuide Label When Purchasing an HVAC

You’ve seen the distinctive yellow EnergyGuide label on new appliances, and you probably have a vague idea of the federal program’s purpose: for comparing the energy use of one appliance to others of the same type. The label is particularly useful for energy-intensive appliances, such as air conditioners and furnaces, because the potential savings are so high. For example, if you’re shopping for a heat pump, the EnergyGuide label will show you where the model you’re perusing stands in relation to other heat pumps of the same size and features.

This is a great real-life illustration of the saying “information is money,” since you’ll see monthly savings for the life of the device with an energy-efficient appliance.

A variety of residential appliances show the EnergyGuide sticker, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, refrigerators and dishwashers. There are a few that aren’t rated by the program, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, stoves, ovens and clothes dryers.

How Do You Read the Label?

Here’s what you’ll find on the EnergyGuide label:

  • Estimated annual operating costs: This is shown with a straight line that represents a continuum from the highest energy costs to the lowest for this type of appliance, and this particular product’s energy use marked on the line. This information is based on national energy costs.
  • Actual projected energy usage in kilowatt hours: This shows the actual electrical power the appliance likely will use in a year, based on ordinary users.
  • Details about key features of this particular appliance: Use this section to directly compare it to other appliances of the same type, size and features.
  • Energy Star logo: If this appliance has earned Energy Star certification, you’ll see that blue logo on the EnergyGuide label. This means it has exceeded minimum energy efficiency standards without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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