Get A Head Start With The Electronically Commutated Motor

Fifteen years ago, blower-fan motors in most furnaces were inherently inefficient. These permanent-split capacitor motors are now largely a thing of the past, thanks to the electronically commutated motor. If you’re looking for an HVAC upgrade, an ECM will give you a good start.

How ECMs boost efficiency

The PSC motor was always somewhat inefficient because the motor’s magnetic field was never fully synchronized with the rotor. The motor was even less efficient at low speeds. Most had only an “on” and “off” mode, with no way to adjust power and heat output.

The direct-current DC electronically commutated motor, a type of brushless DC motor, resolves these problems. ECMs are efficient at all speeds. They are also capable of varying their speed to more precisely meet your home’s heating and cooling demands at any given moment, which further improves efficiency.

ECM benefits

  • Lower energy expenses — A high-efficiency furnace or heat pump with an electronically commutated motor can reduce your energy expenses by 25 to 75 percent over a system with a PSC motor.
  • More consistent temperatures — ECMs are two-stage motors that start at a low speed and kick into a higher speed only if the required room temperature isn’t reached within a certain time. This prevents temperature swings and drafts PSC motors can create.
  • Improved A/C efficiency — PSC motors generate so much heat that an air conditioning system with one of these motors is forced to expend extra energy on cooling just to overcome the motor’s heat. ECMs run cool.

ECMs also run more quietly and last longer than PSC motors. If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, consider upgrading to a new system with an ECM motor.

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