An Efficient Furnace Demands an Efficient Home to Make It Worth Your Investment

As a longtime heating and cooling company, Balance Point is always eager to help clients find the most efficient furnace or related products and services at affordable prices.

Our services go way beyond installation – we want to offer our expertise in improving the air quality and overall efficiency of your home.

After all, having a state-of-the-art furnace is a good early step, but a home that still has inefficient windows, gaps in door frames, poor insulation and other problem areas may serve to reverse some of the benefits you should be experiencing when you decided to invest in an efficient furnace.  Plus, you’re likely paying more than you should in power costs, and maybe you have unpleasant particles in the air of your home.

We suggest taking a serious tour of your home looking for places that could be improved from an energy perspective, such as adding weatherstripping or sealing holes. EnergyStar mentions that unused space like attics or basements can especially benefit from extra insulation, patched holes or improved sealing.

Balance Point Heating can also offer homeowners free estimates, and the staff is also available 24 hours a day for any emergency needs. Since we’re also Fort Collins-area residents, we know that saying, “we’ll get there in a couple of days” isn’t good enough, especially when we need to stay warmth.

For suggestions on improving other areas of the home to match your efficient furnace, please contact Balance Point Heating.

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