Simple Ways to Reduce Dust Buildup in Your Fort Collins Home

For most Northern Colorado homeowners, winter means buttoning up your home against the cold, blustery weather and spending more time indoors. But the very steps you take to make your home more comfortable can lead to dust buildup, affecting indoor air quality and possibly triggering allergy and other respiratory problems.

Unfortunately, dust is everywhere, no matter how clean you keep your home. Composed of manufactured and biological substances, dust can be airborne or settle as a thin coat on visible surfaces. While completely eliminating dust is impossible, there are several ways to reduce dust buildup.

Capture it

Dust cloths and feather dusters tend to stir up dust, which can eventually settle elsewhere. Make sure to use slightly dampened rags or disposable cleaning cloths that will attract and hold the dust. You can also use vacuum attachments on irregular surfaces that are hard to dust with a cloth.


  • Try turning on your thermostat fan while you vacuum. The blower inside your furnace will filter the air even if the system is not actively heating your home. Carpeting is the biggest dust trap in your home, so vacuum high-traffic areas at least once a week.
  • Vacuum large area rugs and give them a good outdoor beating several times a year, and take smaller area rugs outside for a vigorous shaking at least once a week.

Upgrade Your Furnace Filter

While a common fiberglass filter can catch larger dust particles, pleated or electrostatic air filters can attract and hold larger amounts of dust and pollen, making a noticeable improvement in overall indoor air quality. Make sure to inspect and change your filters on a regular basis.


The air ducts in your HVAC system are commonly located in prime dust areas. Every time your system powers up, dust gets sucked into your ductwork and circulates throughout your home. Having your ductwork professionally sealed will cut down on dust buildup and lower your utility bills and energy usage.

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