7 Key Ways to Control Your Cooling Costs As the Temperature Rises

Summers are gorgeous in Fort Collins. But they can also get hot. You’ll soon be relying on your air conditioner, and it’s likely that you’ll be looking for ways to control your cooling costs. To manage your air conditioning expenses this summer, try these seven low-cost tactics.

  1. Keep the heat out — Hang window shades or sun-reflective curtains on your south- and west-facing windows. Awnings help, too.
  2. Landscape for comfort — Greenery shading your home helps to ease the strain on your air conditioner. If you’re short on shade trees, try putting up a trellis and planting a fast-growing vine to climb it.
  3. Create a cool breeze — Ceiling fans use little energy, but they can cool you enough to allow you to raise your A/C thermostat a few degrees. For every degree you raise your thermostat above 78 degrees, you stand to save five to 10 percent on your cooling costs.
  4. Check your filters — A dirty HVAC air filter impedes airflow. That forces your air conditioner to work harder and expend more energy. Once a month, remove your filter, and hold it up to the light. If you can’t see the light shining through, replace the filter.
  5. Seal duct leaks — In the typical home, ductwork wastes as much as 20 percent of the conditioned air it carries. Correctly aligning all duct connections and sealing them with mastic or metal-backed tape are low-cost ways to boost your HVAC system’s efficiency and lower your cooling costs.
  6. Switch to a programmable thermostat — These thermostats let you set and forget energy-saving temperatures for your home. You’ll no longer waste energy by forgetting to turn down the A/C when you leave for work or go to bed. For even more precise control, consider a smart programmable thermostat. Many can be monitored from your laptop or smartphone, and some can automatically adapt your comfort systems to changing family patterns.
  7. Maintain your A/C system — Your expert HVAC contractor should have tuned up and checked out your system by now. If you haven’t scheduled your A/C tune-up yet, get on it. Your professional will correct refrigerant levels, lubricate the motor, calibrate the thermostat and perform other jobs that will keep your system running efficiently all summer long.

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