How to Handle Condensation on Your Home’s Windows

The icy winters and warm summers of the Fort Collins area mean moisture buildup around your home can be a problem any time of year. Condensation on home windows may seem like a minor annoyance, but if left unchecked, it can lead to mold growth and wood rot. It also suggests your home has too little ventilation.

Pinpoint the Problem

Not all window condensation requires attention. In a recently built or remodeled home, new wood products release moisture, temporarily increasing the indoor humidity. This problem will disappear after just one heating season. Likewise, condensation on home windows that shows up during the first few weeks of winter or after a sudden temperature drop is usually nothing to worry about.

The real problem occurs when you see condensation for months at a time or even for most of the year. This type of moisture accumulation often means your indoor humidity is consistently too high, which decreases your comfort and encourages mold, rot and dust mites around your home.

Ventilate for Healthier Humidity Levels

For minor but persistent condensation problems, installing trickle vents over the windows can bring in enough airflow to sufficiently reduce the humidity causing the condensation. Heavy condensation buildup could mean your heating, cooling or ventilation system is unbalanced and bringing in too much moisture.

Hanging drapes can also help. Choose a set with a reflective lining, so they can be used to keep heat out in summer as well as in during cold weather.

It could also mean your home would benefit from a balanced whole-house ventilation system. These systems use separate supply and exhaust fans along with a duct system to bring in and remove equal amounts of air, improving your air quality and controlling your humidity levels.

For more information on controlling condensation on home windows, check out Balance Point Heating and Air Conditioning’s ventilation and air quality solutions.

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